2006, December. Piazza Navona. Rome.
The band Senzaterra is born after a light-hearted Christmas jam session under the rain, sharing many glasses of wine.
The passion for Southern Italian folk music, the effort to rediscover its meanings and sonority and the festive spirit are some of the elements that link the members of the group and give them energy.
The team’s composition evolved over time: some players joined and some others have chosen different ways for different reasons. As time went by, the project has grown in strength, quality and motivation.
The Senzaterra tell the story of people, love, effort, emigration and pain. Themes that belong to the ancient Southern Italian tradition and are still relevant today.
Only knowing and appreciating the past it is possible to understand the present and the indissolvable connection between tradition and current time. Through the music and lyrics, an amazing energy is released and the public feels a deep empathy with the players.
Music is the universal language; there is no need of a theatre, equipment, microphones or technical sounds. It is sufficient to clap and dance and play a selfmade instrument to share a spontaneous and pleasant session.
Due to this simplicity and musicality, folk lovers in Rome and beyond appreciate the Senzaterra.
The first important trial was during the “Carnevalone Liberato” of Poggio Mirteto, in February 2007. A huge crowd, a carnival in the carnival. A neverending marathon of sounds and dancing, despite the rain and the cold.
A further motivation to grow was the participation at the first edition of “Cicileu”, in June at Villa Gordiani. Here, the Senzaterra players had the honour of sharing the stage with the Allabua. In front of a wild crowd, they were up to the task. Over the years, a growing artistic awareness led Senzaterra to perform their music at national and international festivals, in radio and theater.
Some examples. The partecipation at the show “I Cumparielli”, as composers as well as live players. And the contribution during the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, in Teano, sharing the stage with famous artists like Petra Magoni and Teresa De Sio during an intense show.
In the autumn of 2011 the Senzaterra contributed to the soundtrack of the movie “Aspromonte” with their first original track “A pruvvista”. This song is inspired by the sonority of Calabrian Tarantella and provides an invitiation to reflect on our relationship with nature, the earth and the world around us.
In December 2011 the Senzaterra presented its first self-titled CD that collects the sounds of a popular tour from Sicily to Rome. It also contains the music of important artists like Rosa Balistreri and Kunsertu.
in May 2015 the second one “Sulu ‘na strada” Filibusta Records. STAY TUNED!