Gianluca StraccaAnd now the bass player, born during a warm june’s evening… some years ago!
When Rome stopped her activity to celebrate Italian soccer team.
I started playing guitar at 12 years, when my “big brother” taught me the first chords and, I still remember, I fell asleep on the couch embraced with “Clarissa” (my little guitar).
From that moment, until the early years of University, I had several musical experiences, for example with the mythical Rangers (who played self-made drums) and with Heart and Soul, dating at period of the end of school, final part of my first musical life.

Afterward, I don’t know why and How, passion for music is slowly decreased until the discovery of international folk music, particularly through the records of Ratti della Sabina.
During an exceptional concert of Allabua I have found a new world: the Italian folk music!
I started to push till boring the forerunners of Senzaterra until the moment when, cause of despair, they decided to involve me in this adventure, as acoustic bass-player.

In addition to playing, my greatest passions are the sea (above, and specially, under it!), the wildlife and sports.
I love swimming alone, at sunset, in “my” sea, when I can recover me and my serenity, far away from crowded beaches and “fashion people”. I hate the sand, in my opinion the Sea is rock and rubber dinghy, rubber dinghy and rock… Why? Is there anything else?
I love walking in the mountains and in the forests and riding my bike, often to research unknown and forgotten places.
I have a passionate hatred for fake bread and for all the supermarkets’s trash.