Marta RicciI started singing when I was a child, at the Popular School of Music in Rome where I attended voice, percussion and piano laboratories.
Here when I was six years old the encounter with the first and most important teacher, Amedeo Scutiero, took place. I joined the Ederra choir founded by him and had concerts around the world and participated in international competitions.
At first children, then teenagers, a bit presumptuous and conceited, and in the end the choir broke up. However, the members of the choir are still my closest friends, just the ones with whom always and everywhere we went right through the head of passers-by and curious. The music kept us together and it does still now. I recorded two albums with the choir, but mostly I learned rigor and discipline , which are part of me and make me often unbearable.
At the end of high school I began to study singing and piano at the same time.
I have always loved to play the guitar during the summer evenings in my beloved Calabria, of which I am proud to have some blood in my veins, at the sound of tarantella, stornelli and Neapolitan songs, accompanying until some time ago, my beloved father, who gave me the voice and the smile and who in every show, every word I sing, is still living inside of me.
Then one night at the “Night of the Taranta” I heard Lucilla Galeazzi’s voice and, with my eyes full of excitement, I realized that she should be my new teacher. The love for the popular Italian songs from pure adolescent passion has become a profession.
Lucilla has taught me not to fall in love with the sound but to sing the words.
Today I am still to studying the singing techniques with a rare teacher called Gianni Bavaglio and in addition to being the voice of the popular music group Senzaterra, I’m still collaborating with Lucilla Galeazzi in an all-female vocal septet and I am honored to participate with her and with incredible musicians such as Micrologus, to the project taken from the Code of Celestine V, on the passion of Christ, with whom we debuted in L’ Aquila and participated in Festival of Jaroslaw, in Poland.