Francesco Ciccone“ If most of us appreciated food, cheerfulness and songs more than wealth the world would be a happier place to live in…”
My musical process started when I was 4 and a half years old after being struck listening an old cassette tape of Angelo Branduardi (and in particular ” Dance in F sharp minor “), during a trip to the Fenis castle; from there started my passion for the violin and for so-called “ancient” music .
When I was seven years old I started studying “classical” violin, having the chance to develop contemporary the study of individual and ensamble music (according to the Suzuki method’ s dictates )
At eighteen years old, after so many beautiful experiences around the world with the String Orchestra Giuseppe Tartini, I decided to close an important chapter of my life starting to dedicating to travel and to different studies. So, for a couple of years, I hung up the violin, waiting for my primal passion to resurface. With the passage of time, during popular festivals dancing around the fire (“… because where there is a violin everyone is cheerful! “), I returned slowly to my instrument, joining steadily a traditional celtic music group called The Storytellers.
In the same period, I started a collaboration with Folk Road, a historic Irish group in Italy, which had been the personal soundtrack of my adolescence! On January 2011 I met the Senzaterra group: it allowed me to explore a repertoire (the center-south of Italy) that I had always been enjoyed listening, but that I had never attempted. Despite this, the members of the group still blame me to make “Irish” any kind of tarantella or saltarello I play! I spend my days usually walking in the forest and mountains, travelling by train, doing extra-university studies, odd jobs, playing during moon nights and many other things that (wretched me!) do not contribute at all to the GDP growth of our beautiful country.

Sempre e poi sempre, o vecchio o giovane torno a avvertire:
una montagna notturna e al balcone una donna silenziosa,
bianca una strada al chiaro di luna in lieve pendio,
e ciò mi lacera il cuore nel petto atterrito di struggimento.
O mondo ardente, o tu chiara donna al balcone,
cane che abbai nella valle, treno lontano che passi,
come mentite, come atroci ingannate me ancora,
e pur tuttavia voi siete sempre il mio sogno e
delirio più dolce.
Spesso ho tentato la strada per la tremenda “realtà”
dove hanno valore mode, assessori, leggi e denaro,
ma solitario mi sono involato, deluso e liberato,
verso là dove sogno e beata follia zampilla.
Afoso vento notturno negli alberi, scura zigana,
mondo ricolmo di nostalgia pazza e profumo di poesia,
mondo splendente di cui sono schiavo eternamente,
dove a me guizzano i tuoi bagliori, dove riecheggia
per me la tua voce. H. Hesse Mondo splendido